IMPACKD Is Your Family Planning Guide

Your Coaches Need Your Help

Become the athlete that every coach dreams of having on the team.

Coaches help athletes whose families are involved in their development. Coaches need families to help their athletes train on their own. They want parents to know how to "bullet-proof" their kids so they don't get hurt during training and game time.

That's the nut of it all.

Coaches also want parents and athletes to be actively involved in the college recruiting process. They may not say this to you but here's the truth: you need to remove the guess work for the coach!

The coach doesn't have time to evaluate each athlete's personal goals. The coach can best help an athlete get into a college or university when the athlete identifies where they are interested in applying.

Athletically, when a student athlete knows the drills: which day to run wind sprints up a hill or which day to strength train or even which day to take a rest, it makes the coach's job easier. And we want the coaches to be able to do their jobs — because that's how you end up on a winning team that gets seen by college scouts.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a website with the roadmap laid out for your family to know exactly what to do for your athlete and your coach? IMPACKD IS THAT PLAN.

Control, Peace of Mind, Guidance

IMPACKD helps you plan your path to success in the mad world known as youth sports!

Dr. Bill Booker, creator of IMPACKD, explains how it works.

Predict and Prevent Injuries

Don't get sidelined because you failed to see the predictable and preventable injuries that were right in front of your eyes.

Nobody cares about injuries until they happen.

Injuries are practically off parents' radars because parents assume their kid won't get hurt.

Then a teammate gets hurt. Now an injury means a whole lot.

We don't guarantee that you your kid can 100 percent avoid a sports injury but we can prepare your athlete's body to reduce or prevent the chances of a self-inflicted injury.

Develop Essential Routines Every Day of the Year

Get ahead of the questions that keep you up at night.

— "Is my child good enough to play collegiate sports?"

— "How can I help my child become a better athlete?"

— "Will my child stay healthy throughout the high school years?"

Good questions. Want to be a more competitive athlete, start with daily routines that are proven to make you more explosive and skilled not to mention stronger, leaner, and even taller.

IMPACKD gives you habits, prehab, and conditioning for every part of the body during any season of the year.

Try IMPACKD's 10-minute daily dynamic warmup program to see your body's mechanics start to improve immediately.

Maximize Your College Recruiting Opportunities

Find the schools that are the best fit for you!

Don't miss your window of opportunity and don't wait on your coach to hand you some schools to look at in your junior year.

Fast-track your college recruiting process with IMPACKD. 

IMPACKD doesn't just hand your name around to any college coach that might give it you a glance. We help you pick the right school for you, whether you're starting the process at 8 or 18.

Find out what you want from college even if you don't know what you want.