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The Key Takeaway

Masai Went From Injured to In College

What is IMPACKD?

I aM Parents, Athletes, Coaches, Kids, and Doctors

Every Success Story is Built by a Team. Together, We Have Built the Program For Your College-Bound Athlete to Reach the Ultimate Goal.


College sports programs are looking for a reason to say no. They have thousands of youth athletes to choose from and about five to seven spots to fill in any given class. That means seven kids from around the world have the opportunity to make the team at the school you want to attend.

There may be a silver lining. But you have got to play it right. Do you know how? We do. Follow our program and you won't give colleges a reason to say no.

Is Your Plan in Place?

You Know Your Why. We Provide the What, When, and How 

Benefits of Membership

A 52-Week Plan for Athletes — Sent Weekly to Your Inbox


Benefits of Membership

Video Test Series to Identify and Prevent New or Recurring Injuries


Benefits of Membership

Strength, Stability, and Explosiveness Exercises to Increase Your Athletic Advantage  


Benefits of Membership

Essential Routines to Follow Daily to Manage Your Time and Improve Your Nutrition, Hydration, and Sleep

Benefits of Membership

A Step-by-Step Guide on the College Recruiting Process


Benefits of Membership

Four Phases — Rest, Rejuvenation, Training, and Competition —
With Different Concentrations to Ensure You Succeed Year Round.

Become an IMPACKD Athlete

  • JOIN: Register for the IMPACKD program. It will change the trajectory of your life.

  • MEASURE: Take the IMPACKD Full Functional Evaluation. Discover where you are most prone to experience an injury while playing sports.

  • CONTROL: Follow the 12 months of essential routines to match your lifestyle to your dreams.

  • LEARN: Get the exercises that will improve stability, explosiveness, and overall performance.

  • LEVERAGE: Use the recruiting tools to become the best candidate that teams, coaches, and schools desire.

Still Unsure?

Let us tell you a true story about two track athletes. They are on the same team. They are both competing in the big meet.

One family is highly motivated and surrounds the athlete with advisors and guides as she navigates toward a college opportunity that includes running track. She has every school in the country looking at her.

The other athlete is talented, but she is frequently hurt and not maximizing her potential. Her family feels like they can't coordinate their child's efforts and they ask other parents what to do.

Guess which one has succeeded with the IMPACKD program.

Parents, it's up to YOU to help your children be the best athlete they can be AND make sure they're on the "right track."

IMPACKD is for parents as much as student athletes. Parents, YOU must be in charge. But if your kid is not willing to do the right training and follow essential routines, then why are you wasting your energy driving around the region or flying across the country to get them to the meet?

Are you prepared?

We offer the complete approach to injury prevention, essential routines, and the college admission process. But it's up to you as a family to decide — is this what you want?

If so, nothing can be left to chance. This is why we're here.

Our program provides you the blueprint — from dealing with schedules and managing your diet and sleep patterns, to improving your speed and skills and speaking to coaches, teachers, and teammates.

You want a how-to? Get the weekly step-by-step guide from us and you WILL feel the IMPACKD.

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