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The Key Takeaway

It's Not Merely About a Need for Speed

You can be strong but if you're injured or feeling a nagging discomfort, you're not working at your highest ability. You need your body to work efficiently, and if you're always on full-tilt, it can't recover.
Parents must realize that athletes cannot train and run hard every day. Instead, they must follow a process that builds on success and prevents setbacks. It involves phases that athletes must follow in cycles all the way through high school: Rest and recovery, Rejuvenation and skills development, Training and time management, and Competition and psychological preparedness.
We can get to the end game — attending the perfect college for you — but we don't get there if we leave the injured athlete behind.

Families Working Together

Let us tell you the story about two track athletes. They are on the same team. They are both competing in the big meet.

One family is highly involved and involves the people around the athlete as she navigates toward a college opportunity where she can continue running. She has every school in the country looking at her.

The other family feels like they can't coordinate their child's efforts. She's talented, but she is always hurt and not maximizing her potential.

These girls are equally talented. In fact, when they came in as freshmen, the second one was probably more highly recruited than the first.

Guess which one follows the IMPACKD program. Parents, it's up to you to help your children not only be the best athlete they can be but also to know what to do to make sure they're on the "right track."

IMPACKD is a parent-directed program. You can make your student athletes do anything you want them to do because they're you're kids. But if they're not willing to take the right steps, then why are you driving around the region or flying around the country to get them to the meet?

If your athlete is stepping on a stage like the Penn Relays with an audience of 50,000 people, it would be stunning to find out he or she has no interest in taking this talent as far as it can go.

But are you prepared?

We offer the complete approach to injury prevention and managing the college admission process. Our program combines everything together — from dealing with parents and speaking to coaches, teachers, or teammates to stealing extra hours of sleep and improving the efficiency of your hydration.

You have to be organized, nothing can be left to chance. This is why we're here. Join us so you can say you felt the IMPACKD.

Maximize Your IMPACKD


The competitive season is the time of year when track athletes pull hamstrings and strain hips. What is your plan to prevent that from happening? You can't overwhelm the body with new exercises. You can't rest the body, and it's too late to try to build strength. That means your athlete has to concentrate on two issues right now — injury prevention and the psychological advantage that puts them ahead of the competition.
You're going into the high season not knowing whether you are experiencing a predictable and preventable problem. But we can determine whether a problem lies ahead, and we can show you how to avoid it while making sure your athlete is mentally prepared for the challenges ahead.



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