The Four IMPACKD Phases

How many times has Tom Brady been to Disneyland? Seven? And when does he go? He leaves the day after he wins the Super Bowl. That's because rest occurs as soon as the season's over.

Would you want to have a conversation with Tom Brady in the middle of the playoff season? Probably not. That's because he's focused on the game and getting to goal. He's got to make sure his team is functioning cohesively and that his body is operating at maximum efficiency.

Knowing an athletes needs and requirements at any given time of the year is vital to their success and knowing that they can't operate full-tilt 24/7 is critical to knowing when and how to help them achieve maximum success.

That's why we built IMPACKD around athletic seasons. The four phases may occur more than once per year but they are organized according to the physical, psychological, and educational demands pulling on the athlete's time.

At the beginning of each phase, IMPACKD provides a new emphasis for the athlete to focus on. An overview of the phase is provided with instruction on time management, nutritional and sleep requirements, psychological considerations, and .

Phases generally run from one to 13 weeks at a time, and are consistent with the school year, team practices, ID camp, showcase and tournament schedules, skills, strength and explosiveness training modules, recovery techniques, psychological preparation, college testing and applications, and family time.

  • Rest phase relaxation

    The Rest Phase

    This is the Recovery Phase, the most important phase that starts the day after the championship game. This is the time to learn "active rest " — how to restore the body so it's ready for more rigorous performance later in the year.

  • Soccer skills practice

    The Rejuvenation Phase

    This is the Preparation Phase, when it is time to work on strength and skills development and good habits that will propel you ahead of your competition.

  • Basketball competition

    The Training Phase

    This is the Time Management Phase, when the whole family is running around trying to navigate school work, practices, and other obligations. This is where you learn grace under pressure. We show you how to set up your schedule for maximum efficiency, share calendars so everyone is on the same page, and hijack time to fit everything in. At the same time, we up the injury prevention protocols to make sure you can withstand the pain of fierce play.

  • Track competition

    The Competitive Phase

    This is the Performance Phase, when mental preparation and self-care raise your game and help you become a leader among your teammates and coaches. Mental and physical preparation activities ensure that you perform at your peak exactly when everyone is watching.