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The Key Takeaway

Getting into the right soccer program will change your life's trajectory.

Who Should Be on Your Team?
Parents are largely going about elite athletics blind. They are trying to get valuable information from people who are doing the same thing they're doing. That is not the way to reach the end goals they want for their children.
High school coaches, as well intended as they may be, are focusing on making their program top notch, not helping to develop their athletes' college careers.
When your teammates are having repeated injuries, don't go to them for advice on problems you may be experiencing. Instead, work on a plan that you can share with them. Develop a direction and a focus and strategically follow it. It will get you where you want to be.

The University Dating Game

A soccer player was interested in attending a regional school that had a good reputation. The coaches from the school came for three days in a row to a showcase where she was playing. Then they showed up at the school for two practices.

When asked how her recruiting efforts were going, her parents said that she was on the fence about her regional choice. She was looking for a school that would show that it's really interested in her.

They drove three hours to go see her practice! What more did she want? For them to come carry her off the field?

When a coach is coming around, you need to know how to step forward and tell them you are interested in them. Because when they go away they rarely come back.

For colleges, it's a thumbs up, thumbs down. They court you like a grade school boyfriend. You're going steady one week, you're broken up the next, and you're not really sure how to tell the difference.

It's amazing the number of kids who shoot themselves in the foot because they don't know what to do.  But we know what to do, and we can show you how to navigate the negotiation and stay healthy so you are ready when the colleges come courting.

Maximize Your IMPACKD


Several years ago at a showcase tournament, I was handing out flyers of the soccer team's members. A Western Conference coach asked me, "Do you have any players who want to go to the West Coast?"

He told me, in so many words, that there are opportunities out there where colleges will bend over backwards to recruit an outlier.

Are you willing to be the outlier? If you're from Mississippi, would you go to Provo, Utah? If you're a Pennsylvanian, do you want the West Coast version of Penn State?

Have you even thought about it? You cannot gain access if you haven't opened your mind to the possibilities. There are many considerations when deciding on a college, and soccer is a great way to access opportunities. But you have to know what to do and when to do it. We can help.


How to Become an IMPACKD Athlete

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  • MEASURE: Take the IMPACKD Full Functional Evaluation. Discover where you are most prone to experience an injury while playing sports.

  • CONTROL: Follow the 12 months of essential routines to match your lifestyle to your dreams.

  • LEARN: Get the exercises that will improve stability, explosiveness, and overall performance.

  • LEVERAGE: Use the recruiting tools to become the best candidate that teams, coaches, and schools desire.