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Leverage Your Skills. Maximize College Opportunities. How? We Provide The Plan.

IMPACKD helps you leverage your gifts to get into colleges that are increasingly difficult to attend. We give families a business plan to maximize the opportunity to play sports in college. How does it work?
We have designed your strategy for
— INJURY PREVENTION — Injured Athletes Don't Get Recruited!
— ESSENTIAL ROUTINES — Succesful Athletes Live By Their Routines!
— TIME MANAGEMENT — You Have Little Time to Get a Lot Done!
— SCHOOLS THAT FIT — Learn About Yourself and Find the Schools that Match Your Dreams!
— SMART NEGOTIATIONS — Become a Better Advocate For Yourself in Front of Teachers, Coaches, and Recruiters



  • JOIN: Register for the IMPACKD program. It will change the trajectory of your life.

  • MEASURE: Take the IMPACKD Full Functional Evaluation. Discover where you are most prone to experience an injury while playing sports.

  • CONTROL: Follow the 12 months of essential routines to match your lifestyle to your dreams.

  • LEARN: Get the exercises that will improve stability, explosiveness, and overall performance.

  • LEVERAGE: Use the recruiting tools to become the best candidate that teams, coaches, and schools desire.

Maximize Your IMPACKD


We provide explicit instructions on how to prepare for the college recruiting circuit. Our multi-step college recruiting program teaches you how to set your priority list, how to determine whether your student athlete qualifies for a program, how to determine whether the university is a good fit for your child, how to make your child visible to coaches, and how to prepare for meetings so you don't blow it when it's time to talk with college coaches!


Having a strategy is the best way to make sure your student athlete is prepared when it's time to meet the college coach.


Athletes get injured ALL THE TIME. IMPACKD offers a program to avoid the setbacks that derail your college plans.


The first IMPACKD step is to identify where and why your athlete is at risk of injury. We offer a video test series that parents can administer at home to determine whether an athlete may be prone to injuries. Our protocols have never before been collected  all in one place, and they are the insight you need to make sure you aren't sidelined before that college offer comes.


We have developed a week-by-week program that shows you what to work on every day of the year! Whether it's time for practice, a showcase, or a family vacation, we give you the essential routines so that you know exactly what you have to do to become stronger and more competitive, and to live the rigorous lifestyle of an elite athlete.

We've broken down our program into four phases. These phases vary in duration and frequency throughout the year. Within each phase, we provide templates of sample days and weeks to follow for maximum success.


In addition, our weekly modules include video demonstrations, educational tools, and key takeaways to improve outcomes. We demonstrate effective warm-up drills, exercise protocols, and post-workout recovery techniques.


IMPACKD gives you the three-in-one that you won't find anywhere else! Injury prevention, lifestyle routines to follow every day of the year to maximize performance, and college recruiting guidance so you know when and how of getting an offer. It's all right here. Get instant access to with a 52-week membership that will give you all the steps you need to take no matter what time of year you join!

Set Your Criteria for the Right School for You

The very first thing you have to do when you're considering your college future is to decide what kind of school is the right fit for you. How do you know? Is it the location, the size, the social environment? How important is it to be the big dog on campus?

You won't know until you consider all that is available to you on a college campus.

Already taken the test? What do you do with those answers? We've got the step-by-step on what to do next!

THE IMPACKD College Recruiting Guide

We're sure our 20 question questionnaire has you thinking about what a great school would look like for your athlete. But which school is it, and how do you get noticed by it? That's what our college recruiting guide shows you. Our multi-step plan teaches you to:

  • KNOW YOUR ATHLETE: Discover whether you're the right student AND the right athlete for a wide range of universities. 

  • LEARN PRIORITIES AND SET YOUR CRITERIA: Identify school qualities you like and dislike, and eliminate mismatches.

  • FILTER AND SORT FOR THE BEST MATCHES: Learn how to qualify at schools that interest you.

  • GET IN FRONT OF COACHES: Stay within NCAA rules while still making yourself known to campus decision-makers.

  • REFINE YOUR CHOICES: Know how to recognize opportunities and how to decide which schools to pursue or which to drop.

  • MAKE YOUR FINAL SELECTION: Learn when to pull the trigger and take or reject an offer.

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Injury prevention, routines to improve performance, college recruiting. What are you waiting for? Begin your athlete's 52-Week IMPACKD program today.


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