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What's Your Family Plan to Get Into College?

There IS a spot for you on a college team. So why not leverage your athletic abilities to attend the college you were meant to attend?

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Considering your college future? Know which school is the right fit for you? You can't know unless you know what is is available to you and what you want from your experience!

Fill Out the Survey: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself About Where You Want to Go to College

The Right Fit, the Best Opportunities

IMPACKD'S 20 questions will get you thinking about what a great school looks like. But how do you get into the school that is the perfect match for you? That's what our college recruiting guide shows you. The IMPACKD multi-step guide will show you how to:

  • LEARN PRIORITIES AND SET YOUR CRITERIA: Identify school qualities you like and dislike, and eliminate mismatches.

  • KNOW YOUR ATHLETE: Discover whether you're the right student AND the right athlete for a wide range of universities. 

  • FILTER AND SORT FOR THE BEST MATCHES: Learn how to qualify at schools that interest you.

  • GET IN FRONT OF COACHES: Stay within NCAA rules while still making yourself known to campus decision-makers.

  • NARROW DOWN YOUR OPTIONS TO THE BEST CHOICES: Recognize opportunities and know which schools to pursue or which to drop.

  • MAKE YOUR FINAL SELECTION: Learn when to pull the trigger and take or reject an offer.

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The Cold, Hard Truth


When it comes time to go to college, the school you initially had your eye on is probably not the best fit for your athlete. How do we know? Because 39 percent of students transfer between schools each year.

Know your goals, your qualifications, and your interests. Figure out the perfect school to attend. Then build the plan to get on the team. Start by answering the 20-questions you need to ask yourself. We'll show you how to sort your answers.

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