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The Key Takeaway

Colleges Are Always Watching 

If you're one of the top high school basketball players in the country, you play in the top circuit or on the right team, it's not unusual that coaches will reach and follow your progress.
You still need to do the right things, including not being a knucklehead eating Chik Fil'a when the coach is visiting your school and hoping to see you exercising in the weight room.
And if you're not in the top 100, well that's a whole other story. That means if you want to play basketball in college, you better have not only the right grades and test scores, but also the know-how to get the exposure that's being directed at other players.
We have a plan for that.

Don't Let Team Practice Ruin You

IMPACKD has been used by track, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball athletes among others. It has been applied across all sports.

So it's easy for us to say that as a population, basketball players are the worst athletes. It's not close. Why is that? Because an elite basketball player doesn't have to be active, he has to be tall.

If you're 6'4," you've already left 85 percent of your peers in the dust. But you didn't work at that.

Compare that to the track athlete who is separated by a fraction of a second from first place. What does he do? He continues to work to be better than the guy standing next to him on the line. This is why in track, athletes warm up for 45 minutes to run for 30 seconds and then they cool down for another 45 minutes.

Have you seen your basketball workout? Bet it's not the same. What do you do, get in a lay-up line? Go to any showcase, stand in the gym and watch the team warm up. It is horrible. And then ask young athletes what they do on their own to prepare to play basketball. You know what they say? They play more basketball.

And we wonder why kids get hurt all the time.

Here's the research and what you should know: you must take strength, flexibility, and most importantly balance training very seriously as an elite athlete because it is an ongoing process. Brain training never ends.

LeBron James, Steph Curry. All the guys who are into the science know what they're doing. They brain train on the regular. So if you're reading this, you're probably an athlete in high school, or the parent of a high school basketball player. Has anyone shown you how to brain train yet?

No. We can say with full confidence, no one has. You don't know the steps to take. We have worked with top programs and even they didn't do it, and if they're not doing it, then who is?

Lebron James is doing it. And unless someone hits him wrong or there's a freak accident, he's not going to tear his ACL.

So what are you waiting for? The pain hurts much more than the training. And it will objectively improve your performance, which will IMPACKD your outcomes.



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Maximize Your IMPACKD


Preparing to get a college sports opportunity is like solving a math problem at MIT. You may get to the answer, but if you don't do the work, you won't succeed.

That's how our ACL prehab works. Going home and doing a half-hour of exercise a day is going to help, but it's not going to be the sole fix.

ACL tear prevention is a process. If you're not also doing the other activities, diet, sleep, hydration, lifestyle, an ACL tear will be a game changer but not the kind you want.