What is IMPACKD?

Having a strategy is the best way to make sure your student athlete is prepared when it's time to meet the college coach. IMPACKD has put the family's preparation strategy all in one place in a 52-week instructional program.

We have developed a week-by-week program that shows you what to work on every day of the year! Our weekly modules include "key takeaways," video demonstrations of warm-up drills, exercises, and injury prevention protocols, post-workout recovery techniques, and guidance on improving your performance. We wrap it up with step-by-step instructions on keeping up with your academics and preparing for those critical meetings with college coaches.

We organized our program into four phases. These phases vary in duration and intensity throughout the year. Within each phase, we provide templates of sample days and weeks to follow for maximum success.

Whether it's time for practice, a showcase, or a family vacation, we have organized your year so that you know exactly what you must do to prevent injury, become stronger and more competitive, and be better prepared to live the rigorous lifestyle of an elite athlete.

Everything you need in one place. Trust the Process! We have a plan to make sure you maximize your athlete's IMPACKD.

Pricing & Plans

Basketball Program


Through Monday, for Made Hoops Camp participants  

Soccer Program


Or $100/mo (20% off calculated into annual purchase)

Track Program


Or $100/mo (20% off calculated into annual purchase)